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Pr Tony Moore
Run Time: 20 x 30 min

Join Tony Moore for a fascinating journey back in time as you explore the historical and cultural world of the Apostle Paul. The twenty episodes filmed entirely on location in Turkey, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Greece and Italy will bring the world of Paul to life. You will travel to Tarsus where he was born, Jerusalem where he was schooled, Damascus where he was converted, Antioch where he was sent out as an apostle, Athens where he witnessed before the Supreme Court, and Rome where his earthly journey ended. Each episode will bring fresh meaning to your world by applying Paul’s teachings to your life in the 21st century.

Series Titles
1. From Tarsus to Jerusalem
2. The Damascus Road
3. Rabbi Discovers the Gospel
4. Light for the Gentiles
5. When Paul Got Stoned
6. The Church Emerges
7. The Macedonian Vision
8. Proving that Jesus Is the Christ
9. The Blessed Hope
10. The Noble Bereans
11. Revealing the Unknown God
12. Corinth–Twin-harbored City
13. The Greatest Mystery Solved
14. Ephesus–Revival and Riots
15. Return to Galatia
16. Letters to Young Churches
17. Troas–a Night to Remember
18. Appeal to Caesar
19. Finishing the Race
20. The Legacy of Paul

Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus

Pr Tony Moore
Run Time: 28 x 30 min

Filmed entirely on location in Israel and the West Bank in high definition, Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus will enable you to come and see Jesus’ world and ministry as an eyewitness. Each episode is filmed where the stories took place and is illustrated with stunning scenery and realistic paintings from the great classical artists of the ages.

It traces the life and ministry of Jesus from His birth in Bethlehem to His death and ascension in Jerusalem. This epic series brings the story of Jesus to life in a fresh and powerful way.

Volume I: The Early Years and Ministry
1. In the Fullness of Time
2. The Scandal of Nazareth
3. Born in the House of the Baker
4. My Beloved Son
5. Lamb of God, Son of God
6. Personal Conversations
7. Miracle by the Water

Volume II: Jesus In Galilee
8. The Galilean Ministry
9. Exciting Days of Ministry
10. Jesus Called Twelve
11. Principles of the Kingdom
12. The Glory of the Temple
13. The Time is at Hand
14. The Great Shema

Volume III: Teachings and Controversies
15. Lord of the Sabbath
16. Stories Jesus Told
17. Messiahs and Men
18. A Wonderful Promise
19. Dean Man Walking
20. The Desolate House
21. Reclining at the Table

Volume IV: In Jerusalem and Beyond
22. Garden of the Oil Press
23. Denial and Redemption
24. Before Pilate and Herod
25. The True Passion of the Messiah
26. When God Slept
27. The Legacy of Jesus
28.  Jesus in Jerusalem and Beyond

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Cosmic Conflict

Amazing Facts: Pr Doug Batchelor
Run Time: 40min 52s

The battle between good and evil affects every life on earth—including yours. Take a spectacular journey back through time and trace the transformation of a perfect angel into Satan and learn how he led an army of angels in a revolt! This video will help you make sense of God’s character and actions and why He permitted sin to continue at such a great cost.

Witness the creation of a beautiful new world … feel the suspense as the devil brings his rebellion to Planet Earth … see the temptation and fall in Eden … and uncover God’s amazing plan to restore people to paradise.

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