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“Adventist Resources.com is a personal project dedicated to the development & sharing of both general resources and resources for church websites.

While an unofficial ministry, it is fully supportive of the work, teachings & mission  of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Amazing Facts Center of Online Evangelism


“Including things that I either develop, find & improve upon, or just share because I think they’re worth it.


“Website setup options & great content for both personal growth & outreach!


I’m Robbie from Australia, 1st gen Adventist with a passion for Adventist Web Ministry & Resources.

I live in north-west New South Wales working full time in an accounting office (clerical/computing) and have been blessed with 3 beautiful children. I have been a church member for the past 23 years coming in through the ministry of the Breath of Life (CD Brooks/Reginald Robinson) & am looking forward to the soon return of Jesus!

When I’m not working, chasing the aforementioned children, sleeping or eating, I enjoy graphic design & typography, using my gym for something other than hanging the ironing on & working on this ministry… dreaming about doing it full time.


If you come back regularly to check on updates you might realize things don’t happen every day.

As this is a personal endevour and given I work full time, have family & other church responsibilities, the site will continually be in development & updates will happen as regularly as humanly possible. Progress updates will appear log down below & you can follow the ministry on Facebook as well.

You can support Adventist Resources regularly via my shiny new Patreon page or make a single one-off donation via Paypal. Any support is greatly appreciated + prayers that this might become a full time ministry.

Recent Site Updates

02.10.2018 [Link] Added 2018 Q4 Sabbath School offering box designs (redesigned) + Indesign file download, Lesson Notes file & Mission Stories for this quarter
02.10.2018 [Link] Updated Framed Sabbath School lesson covers pack for last 2 quarters now covering 76 lessons from 2000-2018 Q4

24.09.2018 [Link] Added Amazing Facts devotional scripture index from March 2017 to August 31 2018.
22.08.2018 [Link] Added Amazing Facts devotional readings to August 22. 497 in total now from March 2017 to current.
19.08.2018 [Link] Added new Amazing Facts bible study graphics for both Bible Study Guides & Storacles of Prophecy for Adventist Place users.
03.08.2018 [Link] Added Video Library DL letterboxing Photoshop file – 300dpi 102x214mm 2mm bleed – includes 210 covers from 60+ series, TM & R logos in black & white + side bars in all official GC & SPD colours. Added 2nd Photoshop file with the official colours on their own.
14.07.2018 [Link] Added Video Library download pack 2 with 38 new covers
29.06.2018 [Link] Amazing Facts Devotional Archive updated to 28.06.2018
26.06.2018 [Link] Added 2018 Q3 Sabbath School offering box designs (redesigned) + Indesign file download
26.06.2018 [Link] Added 2018 Q3 Lesson Notes Word (.docx) file
26.06.2018 [Link] Added 2018 Q3 Mission Stories
26.06.2018 [Link] Updated Sabbath School lesson quarterly & weekly title search to include 2018 Q3
21.06.2018 [Link] Updated Webmasters > Video Library page with more titles, better coding & new graphics pack download (took a while!)
17.06.2018 [Link] Added Adventist Place (SPD website System) Content page

24.05.2018 New Link for South Pacific Division identity guidelines under Identity, Logos & Guidelines on the Links page
20.05.2018 [Link] Added new Video Library graphics pack downloads

21.04.2018 [Link] Added Framed Sabbath School lesson covers back 2000-2018 Q2

…sorry, haven’t kept a update log recently