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welcome to adventist resources

“Adventist Resources.com is a personal project dedicated to the development & sharing of both general resources and resources for church websites.

While an unofficial ministry, it is fully supportive of the work, teachings & mission  of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


“Including things that I either develop, find & improve upon, or just share because I think they’re worth it.


“Website setup options & great content for both personal growth & outreach!


That Christian Vlogger


“Emily and I are just two Christians doing our best to live life to the fullest! On this channel, our goal is to help you discover who God has made you to be.
Every week we post videos on relevant issues affecting everyday Christians like you and me. Feel free to drop a comment/ question and to subscribe for more videos!!!”

{That Christian Vlogger Youtube channel currently has a reach anywhere from 100k to 200k per month!}

“Hey fellow Digital Missionaries!!! I’m attempting to fundraise for a mission trip to Kenya that’s coming up. (Actually, it’s several mission trips spanning this entire year and an even larger vision beyond that, but the video will explain more about what we mean).

Would you mind checking the link below (Patreon) and prayerfully considering if this mission project is something you’d be open to partnering with us on? Thanks so much!!!”
Justin & Emily Khoe

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Digital Discipleship Conference 2017



We exist to create, inspire, encourage and resource disciples of Jesus Christ to share His love through their creativity and innovation in the digital space.


We aim to build a creative space for photographers, videographers, graphic designers, social media enthusiasts, writers, bloggers, on-camera personalities, web designers, church communication secretaries, SEO & digital marketing specialists and sound, production and lighting specialists.

We also aim to provide a safe and encouraging environment for those curious about the digital space, as well as church members who have a social media presence and wonder how it can be used for ministry.

Our goal is to engage institutions at the Conference, Union and Division level, as well as churches and other entities in the digital discipleship process.


We aspire to build a discipleship movement in the digital space.


We gather annually at the Digital Discipleship Conference to collaborate, create, meet and energise around the idea of creating a discipleship movement in the digital space.  The event is a fun weekend of keynote speakers, workshops, collaborative activities, networking and prayerful planning.


Digital Discipleship is a ministry of the Greater Sydney Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.


If you have any questions about Digital Discipleship or the Digital Discipleship Conference, contact digitaldisciples {at} adventist.org.au.

Website – Link

Facebook – Link

Instagram – Link

Slack Channel – Contact for a invitation

Robbie Fatt Film Director


Donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/christian-feature-film-australian

Tired of seeing christian films which don’t feel “real” or honest and relevant? I have been writing a Christian feature film for the past seven years on the topic of:

“Why would God allow someone to commit suicide?” and “Where is God when all these bad things are happening?”

I’m very interested in the concept of death, why we die, and what that means for us and so I have put my thoughts into this script.

Help me make this film and I guarantee it’ll be one of the best Christian films you’ve ever seen!

The Towns We Lived In is a 28 minute short film revolving around the question: “Why do young people leave the church?”. It is Robbie’s 10th short film, and certainly his most honest script to date.

Growing up as a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian, I was tired of seeing films which dealt with spirituality in such a superficial way. I wanted this film to be a raw and honest view on christianity and religion. It is certainly different to any other christian film which has ever been made.

“A lot of my friends left the church when I grew up, but the thing that hurt me most about them leaving, is the fact that I wasn’t there for them. Maybe it’s not too late for others to be there for their friends, when it was too late for me.” | Film Director, Robbie Fatt, on why the topic of his film, ‘The Towns we Lived in’ is significant.

It has been a long journey, but I have finally gotten to a point where I feel quite confident in my beliefs in Christ. And I think I am open minded enough to talk with anyone about their views.

Because at the end of the day, why does anyone believe anything? Everyone convinces themselves that their beliefs are right and that everyone else’s are wrong. Plus, there are so many denominations and views etc. How do we know who’s right and who’s wrong?

The reality is, these are the real questions that Christian films should be dealing with.

A behind the scenes look at the production with interviews.

Robbie Fatt is a 23 year old filmmaker/ director/ cinematographer/ composer living in Australia.

YouTube – Link

Go Fund Me (please support his next film!) – Link


I’m Robbie from Australia, 1st gen Adventist with a passion for Adventist Web Ministry & Resources.

I live in north-west New South Wales working full time in an accounting office (clerical/computing) and have been blessed with 3 beautiful children. I have been a church member for the past 23 years coming in through the ministry of the Breath of Life (CD Brooks/Reginald Robinson) & am looking forward to the soon return of Jesus!

When I’m not working, chasing the aforementioned children, sleeping or eating, I enjoy graphic design & typography, using my gym for something other than hanging the ironing on & working on this ministry… dreaming about doing it full time.


If you come back regularly to check on updates you might realize things don’t happen every day.

As this is a personal endevour and given I work full time, have family & other church responsibilities, the site will continually be in development & updates will happen as regularly as humanly possible. Progress updates will appear log down below & you can follow the ministry on Facebook as well.

You can support Adventist Resources regularly via my shiny new Patreon page or make a single one-off donation via Paypal. Any support is greatly appreciated + prayers that this might become a full time ministry.