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  1. the lessons are available to download here in full in PDF format and save to your local hard-drive
  2. lesson archives are in 20 year blocks and include all quarterly & weekly lesson titles.
  3. there is a search feature in the links below where you can search all lessons by quarterly title OR quarterly and weekly titles.
  4. Adventist Archives have finally updated their records to include Sabbath School lessons through to the current lessons. At the moment the download links for lessons 1888-2004 link to the lessons stored on their site. 2005 onwards are linked to files here.
  5. Sabbath School lessons here from 3rd quarter 2015 also include hyperlinked menus for quick access to weekly lessons & back to the index page.
  6. Click on the [+] to see the lessons for each year
  7. Click on any cover image to bring up a listing of the weekly lesson titles (click close or press Escape to close)
  8. Click Download to open the lesson & then Save to save the file to your hard-drive.


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