This site has a particular focus on developing web ministry at a local church level which has received little attention – looking at why churches need a website, how to get one set up and what you can & need to include on your local site. The other primary focus of the site is church resources that I either develop or find and make more readily available.

If you would like to contribute to this site by way of content suggestions, corrections or additions you can contact me via Facebook, Twitter, the site Contact form.

The forum is currently not available due to the lack of involvement from anyone else. Should there be a revival of interest the forum will probably experience a similar revival.

The site is an unofficial ministry but is fully supporting of the work, teachings & mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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I’m Robbie from Australia, 1st gen Adventist with a passion for Adventist Web Ministry & Resources.

I live in north-west New South Wales working full time in an accounting office (clerical/computing) and have been blessed with 3 beautiful children. I have been a church member for the past 23 years coming in through the ministry of the Breath of Life (CD Brooks/Reginald Robinson) & am looking forward to the soon return of Jesus!

When I’m not working, chasing the aforementioned children, sleeping or eating, I enjoy graphic design & typography, using my gym for something other than hanging the ironing on & working on this ministry… dreaming about doing it full time.

As this is a personal endevour and given I work full time, have family & other church responsibilities, the site is still in development & updates will happen as regularly as humanly possible. Progress updates will appear on the Twitter feed down below & you can follow the ministry on Facebook as well.

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Site Updates via Twitter
Site Updates via Twitter